Offering best-of-breed earned revenue, ticketing, and 

audience development applications, we help prestigious  brands reach their unlimited potential.



Reach your revenue and attendance goals while optimizing your performance metrics with the creation of a truly forward-thinking and robust sales ecosystem.

  • Pricing Architecture or Restructuring

  • Go-to-Market Playbooks & Demand Management 

  • Customized Inventory Approaches 

  • Leverage Secondary Market 

                                    BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE

Your production tells a data story, too. Create your analytic missive by applying data science tools that accurately forecast customer behavior, hyper-analyze sales trends across all channels, and unlock desired outcomes in your earned revenue strategies.  Be on the path to predictive.  

  • All-Market Sales Analytics  

  • Predictive Modeling

  • Data Storytelling & Visualization

  • Behavioral Economic Studies


                                  AUDIENCE CULTIVATION & ENGAGEMENT

Accelerate operational profitability and maintain long-term sustainability with techniques that build audiences, create & retain loyalists, and expand your reach.  Engage strategies to curate a strong inventory distribution approach across all brand properties. 

  • Operational Profitability Toolkit

  • Patron Loyalty & Retention

  • Revenue and Brand Blueprints for Broadway, Touring, & International 

  • Distributed Commerce Partnerships 


                                   CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT

Do you assign a quantitative value to character stage time?  Are you getting the most bang for your buck during rehearsal and tech?  Our Producer's analytic tools ensure every on-stage decision is backed with a sabermetric that enhances your programming decisions.   It's Backstage Moneyball.

  • Evidence-Based Storytelling
  • Backstage Analytic Modeling

  • Producing, Investing, Fundraising

  • Brand Activation


Broadway & Touring Revenue Increases



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