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Committed to advancing arts equity in NYC and beyond, for more than twenty years, Opening Act has actively centered the voices of students of color through free, high-quality theater programming.

Opening Act’s theater programs provide students attending New York City’s most under-served public schools the opportunity to gain confidence, pride, and the knowledge that they can succeed at anything in life.

Since inception, we have grown to reach over 7,000 young people. Today, our free, year-long, after school theater program serves 55 schools throughout New York City, including our partnership with District 79, the city’s alternative school district, where we work with young people who are pursuing a high school equivalency diploma in a formal educational environment because their education was disrupted by a life event.

Together with Tanna, Inc, Opening Act sends its students to attend Broadway and Off-Broadway shows at subsidized prices and gain closer access to careers in performing arts through curated master classes, interviews, and mentorship opportunities in the NYC theatrical community.  Tanna, Inc is also a supporter of Opening Act For All!, FREE online arts education for anyone, anywhere. 


Advancing Arts Equity in NYC
Sending 7,000 students to Broadway Productiions

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